Code of Virginia - Title 30 General Assembly - Section 30-10 Attendance of witnesses; production of evidence

§ 30-10. Attendance of witnesses; production of evidence

When the Senate or House of Delegates, a joint committee or commission thereof, or any committee of either house authorized to send for persons and papers, shall order the attendance of any witness, or the production of any paper as evidence, a summons shall be issued accordingly by the clerk of such house, directed to the sheriff or other officer of any county or city, or the chief officer of the Virginia Capitol Police, or his designee, and, when served, obedience thereto may be enforced by attachment, fine and imprisonment in jail, at the discretion of the house which, or the committee of which, caused the summons to issue, or in the case of a joint committee or commission, at the discretion of such joint committee or commission or as the two houses may determine by joint resolution.

(Code 1919, § 303; 1958, c. 608; 1971, Ex. Sess., c. 155; 2003, c. 231.)

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Last modified: April 3, 2009