Code of Virginia - Title 30 General Assembly - Section 30-283 Director, executive staff, and personnel

§ 30-283. Director, executive staff, and personnel

The Commission shall appoint, subject to confirmation by a majority of the members of the General Assembly, a Director and fix his duties and compensation. The Director may, with prior approval of the Commission, employ and fix the duties and compensation of an adequate staff as may be requisite to make the studies and conduct the research and budget analyses required by this chapter. The Commission may request that the staff of the Joint Legislative Audit and Review Commission serve such purpose. Otherwise, the Director and the executive staff shall be appointed for a term of six years and shall consist of professional persons having experience and training in legislative budgetary procedures, management analyses, and cost accounting. The Director and any executive staff member may be removed from office for cause by a majority vote of the Commission. Such other professional personnel, consultants, advisers, and secretarial and clerical employees may be engaged upon such terms and conditions as set forth by the Commission.

(2007, c. 896.)

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Last modified: April 3, 2009