Code of Virginia - Title 31 Guardian And Ward - Section 31-8.2 Same; limited authority of commissioner of accounts

§ 31-8.2. Same; limited authority of commissioner of accounts

A commissioner of accounts for the jurisdiction wherein a guardian qualifies may authorize the same distributions under the same circumstances as the court may authorize under § 31-8.1 A, except that (i) the total distributions authorized in any one year shall not exceed $3,000 and (ii) the commissioner shall, in his report to the court on the guardian's next accounting, explain the necessity for the distributions so authorized. The provisions of § 31-8.1 B shall not apply to proceedings under this section, but the commissioner shall give five days' written notice of the scheduled hearing date to any minor who is fourteen years of age or older. The commissioner shall not charge a fee in excess of $100 for such hearing.

(1999, c. 16.)

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Last modified: April 16, 2009