Code of Virginia - Title 33.1 Highways, Bridges And Ferries - Section 33.1-285 Revenues

§ 33.1-285. Revenues

The Board shall fix and revise from time to time as may be necessary tolls for the use of each project or projects on account of which bonds are issued or proposed to be issued under the provisions of this article and shall charge and collect the same and may contract with any person, partnership, association or corporation desiring the use of such project or projects, approaches and appurtenances, and any part thereof, for placing thereon water, gas, oil pipelines, telephone, telegraph, electric light or power lines, or for any other purpose, and may fix the terms, conditions and rates and charges for such use. Such tolls shall be so fixed and adjusted, in respect of the aggregate of tolls from the project or projects on account of which a single issue of bonds is issued under this article, as to provide a fund sufficient with other revenues of such project or projects, if any, to pay (a) the cost of maintaining, repairing and operating such project or projects unless such cost shall be otherwise provided for and (b) such bonds and the interest thereon as the same shall become due. Such tolls shall not be subject to supervision or regulation by any other state commission, board, bureau or agency. Except for those persons exempted by § 33.1-252, it shall be unlawful for the Department of Transportation or any employee thereof to give or permit free passage over any project set forth in subdivision (2) of § 33.1-268 which has been secured through the issuance of revenue bonds and which bonds are payable from the revenues of such project. Every vehicle and person shall pay the same toll as others similarly situated. Except as provided in § 33.1-252, the provisions hereof shall apply with full force and effect to vehicles and employees of the state government, governments of counties, cities and towns or other political subdivisions, and to vehicles and persons of all other categories and descriptions, public, private, eleemosynary or otherwise.

(Code 1950, § 33-245; 1956, c. 158; 1968, c. 170; 1970, c. 322; 1973, c. 215; 1981, c. 417; 1982, c. 242; 1983, c. 617; 1986, Sp. Sess., c. 13; 1988, cc. 844, 903.)

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Last modified: April 16, 2009