Code of Virginia - Title 38.2 Insurance - Section 38.2-1045 Deposits required of insurers generally

§ 38.2-1045. Deposits required of insurers generally

A. Except as otherwise provided in this title, before the Commission issues a license to transact the business of insurance in this Commonwealth to any insurer, that insurer shall deposit with the State Treasurer securities that (i) are legal investments under the laws of this Commonwealth for public sinking funds or for other public funds, (ii) are not in default as to principal or interest, (iii) have a current market value of not less than $50,000 nor more than $500,000, and (iv) are issued pursuant to a system of book-entry evidencing ownership interests of the securities with transfers of ownership interests effected on the records of a depository and its participants pursuant to rules and procedures established by the depository.

B. The Commission may require a reasonable amount of additional deposits in securities that meet the requirements of clauses (i), (ii) and (iv) of subsection A of this section, whenever the Commission determines that the insurer's financial condition, method of operation, or manner of doing business is such that the Commission is not satisfied that it can meet its obligations to all policyholders.

C. Neither the deposit referred to in this section nor the alternate deposit permitted by § 38.2-1049 shall be required of (i) any mutual assessment property and casualty insurance company, (ii) any fraternal benefit society, or (iii) any insurer transacting exclusively an ocean marine business in this Commonwealth.

D. Any insurer which on June 30, 1991, instead of the deposit of securities required by subsection A, has entered into a bond with surety, approved by the Commission, with any conditions the Commission requires, shall have until the next renewal, anniversary, or expiration date of such bond, or until June 30, 1992, whichever comes first, to comply with the deposit provisions of subsection A. The surety shall be licensed in this Commonwealth to transact the business of suretyship and shall not be directly or indirectly under the same ownership or management as the principal on the bond.

E. Every insurer subject to the provisions of this section having physical securities deposited with the State Treasurer on or before June 30, 1992, shall comply with the provisions of clause (iv) in subsection A not later than January 1, 1993.

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Last modified: April 16, 2009