Code of Virginia - Title 38.2 Insurance - Section 38.2-2526 Surplus to policyholders

§ 38.2-2526. Surplus to policyholders

A. Surplus to policyholders in addition to the required surplus specified in subsections A and B of § 38.2-2503 may be accumulated in amounts as determined by the board of directors. The surplus may be used for the payment of losses and operating expenses of the insurer.

B. Income earned on any surplus to policyholders may be used to pay losses, operating expenses, or added to surplus.

C. The provisions of this section shall become effective July 1, 1986.

D. Any mutual assessment property and casualty insurer already licensed on July 1, 1986, shall comply with the minimum surplus requirements of § 38.2-2503 by July 1, 1991. Any mutual assessment property and casualty insurer that does not meet the surplus requirements of this section as of July 1, 1986, and is not writing any of the classes authorized in subsections B and C of § 38.2-2503 on July 1, 1986, shall not write any of those classes until the specified surplus requirement is met.

(1986, c. 562.)

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