Code of Virginia - Title 38.2 Insurance - Section 38.2-4708 Examination of books and records of company; bond; rules and regulations; order by Commission to re...

§ 38.2-4708. Examination of books and records of company; bond; rules and regulations; order by Commission to re...

A. 1. The Commission is empowered to examine the books and records of an insurance premium finance company.

2. The Commission is empowered to require an insurance premium finance company to enter into bond with surety approved by the Commission, in the amount determined as reasonable by the Commission, and conditioned to protect its customers and the public in the manner required by law. The aggregate liability of the surety for all breaches of the conditions of the bond shall in no event exceed the penalty of the bond. The surety on the bond shall have the right to cancel the bond upon thirty days' notice in writing to the Commission and shall be relieved of liability for any breach of condition occurring after the effective date of the cancellation.

3. Any rules and regulations issued by the Commission with respect to the operation of insurance premium finance companies may include, without limitation, rules and regulations for the cancellation of policies by insurance premium finance companies, for the notice required to be given to the insured and the insurer, and for the mutual obligations and duties of insurers and insurance premium finance companies with regard to the cancellation of policies and the required notice.

B. If the Commission finds (i) that an insurance premium finance company's financial condition, method of operation or manner of doing business does not satisfy the Commission that the company can meet its obligations to all customers or (ii) that the company's continued operation in this Commonwealth is hazardous to customers and creditors in this Commonwealth and to the public, it may order the company to take appropriate action within a specified time to remedy the concerns of the Commission. The Commission shall give the insurance premium finance company ten days' notice of its finding and shall grant it the opportunity to be heard and to introduce evidence on its behalf. Any hearing with regard to the order may be informal, and the required notice may be waived with the mutual consent of the Commission and the company.

(1964, c. 147, § 38.1-742; 1981, c. 107; 1986, c. 562.)

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