Code of Virginia - Title 57 Religious And Charitable Matters; Cemeteries - Section 57-39.22 Certain representations unlawful; perpetual care trust fund required

§ 57-39.22. Certain representations unlawful; perpetual care trust fund required

A. Effective July 1, 1996, it shall be unlawful to sell or offer for sale in the Commonwealth any burial right in a pet cemetery, and in connection therewith to represent to the public, in any manner, express or implied, that the entire pet cemetery or any burial or interment right therein will be perpetually cared for, unless adequate provision has been made for the perpetual care of the cemetery and all burials and interment rights therein as to which such representation has been made.

B. Each pet cemetery operator shall establish in a bank, savings and loan or other federally insured investment banking institution doing business in the Commonwealth an irrevocable trust fund in the amount of at least $12,000 before the first lot, parcel of land, burial or interment right is sold. This fund shall be designated the perpetual care fund.

C. The moneys of a perpetual care fund shall be invested as provided by §§ 26-40 through 26-44.1 and Article 2 (§ 26-44.3 et seq.) of Chapter 3 of Title 26, except as provided otherwise herein.

D. The income from the perpetual care fund shall be used only for the maintenance, supervision, improvement, and preservation of the grounds, lots, markers, memorials, buildings, equipment, statuary, and other real and personal property of the pet cemetery and for the payment of real property taxes. Annual reports of all the assets and investments of the perpetual care fund shall be prepared and maintained by the operator, and shall be available for inspection at reasonable times to any owner of a burial right in the pet cemetery. Such records shall be subject to examination by the commissioner of revenue.

(1996, c. 957; 1999, c. 772.)

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