Code of Virginia - Title 12.1 State Corporation Commission - Section 12.1-19 Duties of clerk; records; copies

§ 12.1-19. Duties of clerk; records; copies

The clerk of the Commission shall:

1. Keep a record of all the proceedings, orders, findings, and judgments of the public sessions of the Commission, and the minutes of the proceedings of each day's public session shall be read and approved by the Commission and signed by its chairman, or acting chairman;

2. Subject to the supervision and control of the Commission, have custody of and preserve all of the records, documents, papers, and files of the Commission, or which may be filed before it in any complaint, proceeding, contest, or controversy, and such records, documents, papers, and files shall be open to public examination in the office of the clerk to the same extent as the records and files of the courts of this Commonwealth;

3. When requested, make and certify copies from any record, document, paper, or file in his office, and if required, affix the seal of the Commission (or a facsimile thereof) thereto, and otherwise furnish information from the Commission records by any means the Commission may deem suitable; and, except when made at the instance of the Commission or on behalf of the Commonwealth, a political subdivision of the Commonwealth, or the government of the United States, he shall charge and collect the fees fixed by §§ 12.1-21.1 and 12.1-21.2; and any such copy, so certified, shall have the same faith, credit, and legal effect as copies made and certified by the clerks of the courts of this Commonwealth from the records and files thereof;

4. Certify all allowances made by the Commission to be paid out of the public treasury for witness fees, service of process, or other expenses;

5. Issue all notices, writs, processes or orders awarded by the Commission, or authorized by law, or by the rules of the Commission;

6. Receive all fines and penalties imposed by the Commission, all moneys collected on judgments, all registration fees and franchise taxes required by law to be paid by corporations, including delinquencies thereof and all other fees collected by the Commission, and shall keep an accurate account of the same and the disposition of such receipts and shall, at least once in every thirty days during his term of office, render a statement of all such receipts and collections to the Comptroller, and pay the same into the treasury of the Commonwealth, and shall keep all such other accounts of such collections and disbursements, and shall make all such other reports thereof as may be required by law or by the regulations prescribed by the Comptroller; and

7. Generally have the powers, discharge the functions, and perform the duties of a clerk of a court of record in all matters within the jurisdiction of the Commission. The Commission may designate one or more deputies or assistants of the clerk who may discharge any of his official duties during his continuance in office.

(Code 1950, § 12-41; 1964, c. 551; 1971, Ex. Sess., c. 157; 1985, cc. 528, 607; 1991, c. 123; 2001, c. 545; 2002, c. 1.)

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