Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.105.080 Model evergreen community ordinances -- Elements to consider

§ 35.105.080. Model evergreen community ordinances -- Elements to consider

The department shall, in the development of model evergreen community ordinances under RCW 35.105.050, consider including, but not be limited to, the following policy elements:

(1) Tree canopy cover, density, and spacing;

(2) Tree conservation and retention;

(3) Vegetated storm water runoff management using native trees and appropriate nonnative, nonnaturalized vegetation;

(4) Clearing, grading, protection of soils, reductions in soil compaction, and use of appropriate soils with low runoff potential and high infiltration rates;

(5) Appropriate tree siting and maintenance for vegetation management practices and programs to prevent vegetation from interfering with or damaging utilities and public facilities;

(6) Native species and nonnative, nonnaturalized species diversity selection to reduce disease and pests in urban forests;

(7) Tree maintenance;

(8) Street tree installation and maintenance;

(9) Tree and vegetation buffers for riparian areas, critical areas, transportation and utility corridors, and commercial and residential areas;

(10) Tree assessments for new construction permitting;

(11) Recommended forest conditions for different land use types;

(12) Variances for hardship and safety;

(13) Variances to avoid conflicts with renewable solar energy infrastructure, passive solar building design, and locally grown produce; and

(14) Permits and appeals.

[2008 c 299 § 13.]

     Short title -- 2008 c 299: See note following RCW 35.105.010.

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