Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.13A.070 Contracts

§ 35.13A.070. Contracts

Notwithstanding any provision of this chapter to the contrary, one or more cities and one or more districts may, through their legislative authorities, authorize a contract with respect to the rights, powers, duties, and obligation of such cities, or districts with regard to the use and ownership of property, the providing of services, the maintenance and operation of facilities, allocation of cost, financing and construction of new facilities, application and use of assets, disposition of liabilities and debts, the performance of contractual obligations, and any other matters arising out of the inclusion, in whole or in part, of the district or districts within any city or cities, or the assumption by the city of jurisdiction of a district under *RCW 35.13A.110. The contract may provide for the furnishing of services by any party thereto and the use of city or district facilities or real estate for such purpose, and may also provide for the time during which such district or districts may continue to exercise any rights, privileges, powers, and functions provided by law for such district or districts as if the district or districts or portions thereof were not included within a city or were not subject to an assumption of jurisdiction under *RCW 35.13A.110, including but not by way of limitation, the right to promulgate rules and regulations, to levy and collect special assessments, rates, charges, service charges, and connection fees, to adopt and carry out the provisions of a comprehensive plan, and amendments thereto, for a system of improvements, and to issue general obligation bonds or revenue bonds in the manner provided by law. The contract may provide for the transfer to a city of district facilities, property, rights, and powers as provided in RCW 35.13A.030, 35.13A.050, and *35.13A.110, whether or not sixty percent or any of the area or assessed valuation of real estate lying within the district or districts is included within such city. The contract may provide that any party thereto may authorize, issue, and sell revenue bonds to provide funds for new water or sewer improvements or to refund any water revenue, sewer revenue, or combined water and sewer revenue bonds outstanding of any city, or district which is a party to such contract if such refunding is deemed necessary, providing such refunding will not increase interest costs. The contract may provide that any party thereto may authorize and issue, in the manner provided by law, general obligation or revenue bonds of like amounts, terms, conditions, and covenants as the outstanding bonds of any other party to the contract, and such new bonds may be substituted or exchanged for such outstanding bonds. However, no such exchange or substitution shall be effected in such a manner as to impair the obligation or security of any such outstanding bonds.

[1997 c 426 § 2; 1971 ex.s. c 95 § 7.]

     *Reviser's note: RCW 35.13A.110 expired December 31, 1998.

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