Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.21.418 Hydroelectric reservoir extending across international boundary -- Commission -- Powers

§ 35.21.418. Hydroelectric reservoir extending across international boundary -- Commission -- Powers

A commission, established by an agreement between a Washington municipality and the Province of British Columbia to carry out a treaty between the United States of America and Canada as authorized in RCW 35.21.417, shall be public and shall have all powers and capacity necessary and appropriate for the purposes of performing its functions under the agreement, including, but not limited to, the following powers and capacity: To acquire and dispose of real property other than by condemnation; to enter into contracts; to sue and be sued in either Canada or the United States; to establish an endowment fund in either or both the United States and Canada and to invest the endowment fund in either or both countries; to solicit, accept, and use donations, grants, bequests, or devises intended for furthering the functions of the endowment; to adopt such rules or procedures as it deems desirable for performing its functions; to engage advisors and consultants; to establish committees and subcommittees; to adopt rules for its governance; to enter into agreements with public and private entities; and to engage in activities necessary and appropriate for implementing the agreement and the treaty.

The endowment fund and commission may not be subject to state or local taxation. A commission, so established, may not be subject to statutes and laws governing Washington cities and municipalities in the conduct of its internal affairs: PROVIDED, That all commission members appointed by the municipality shall comply with chapter 42.52 RCW, and: PROVIDED FURTHER, That all commission meetings held within the state of Washington shall be held in compliance with chapter 42.30 RCW. All obligations or liabilities incurred by the commission shall be satisfied exclusively from its own assets and insurance.

[1994 c 154 § 309; 1984 c 1 § 2.]

     Parts and captions not law -- Effective date -- Severability -- 1994 c 154: See RCW 42.52.902, 42.52.904, and 42.52.905.

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