Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.34.030 Definitions

§ 35.34.030. Definitions

Unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.

(1) "Clerk" includes the officer performing the functions of a finance or budget director, comptroller, auditor, or by whatever title the officer may be known in any city or town. However, for cities over three hundred thousand, "clerk" means the budget director as authorized under RCW 35.32A.020.

(2) "Department" includes each office, division, service, system, or institution of the city or town for which no other statutory or charter provision is made for budgeting and accounting procedures or controls.

(3) "Legislative body" includes the council, commission, or any other group of officials serving as the legislative body of a city or town.

(4) "Chief administrative officer" includes the mayor of cities or towns having a mayor-council form of government, the commissioners in cities or towns having a commission form of government, the manager, or any other city or town official designated by the charter or ordinances of such city or town under the plan of government governing the same, or the budget or finance officer designated by the mayor, manager, or commissioners, to perform the functions, or portions thereof, contemplated by this chapter.

(5) "Fiscal biennium" means the period from January 1 of each odd-numbered year through December 31 of the next succeeding even-numbered year.

(6) "Fund" and "funds" where clearly used to indicate the plural of "fund" means the budgeting or accounting entity authorized to provide a sum of money for specified activities or purposes.

(7) "Funds" where not used to indicate the plural of "fund" means money in hand or available for expenditure or payment of a debt or obligation.

(8) Except as otherwise defined in this chapter, municipal accounting terms used in this chapter have the meaning prescribed by the state auditor pursuant to RCW 43.09.200.

[1985 c 175 § 6.]

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