Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.43.120 Petition -- Requirements

§ 35.43.120. Petition -- Requirements

Any local improvement may be initiated upon a petition signed by the owners of property aggregating a majority of the area within the proposed district. The petition must briefly describe: (1) The nature of the proposed improvement, (2) the territorial extent of the proposed improvement, (3) what proportion of the area within the proposed district is owned by the petitioners as shown by the records in the office of the county auditor, and (4) the fact that actual assessments may vary from assessment estimates so long as they do not exceed a figure equal to the increased true and fair value the improvement, or street lighting, adds to the property.

If any of the property within the area of the proposed district stands in the name of a deceased person, or of any person for whom a guardian has been appointed and not discharged, the signature of the executor, administrator, or guardian, as the case may be, shall be equivalent to the signature of the owner of the property on the petition. The petition must be filed with the clerk or with such other officer as the city or town by charter or ordinance may require.

[1989 c 243 § 1; 1981 c 323 § 1; 1969 ex.s. c 258 § 5; 1965 c 7 § 35.43.120. Prior: 1957 c 144 § 6; prior: 1911 c 98 § 9, part; RRS § 9360, part.]

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Last modified: April 7, 2009