Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.58.2796 Public transportation systems -- Annual report by department

§ 35.58.2796. Public transportation systems -- Annual report by department

The department of transportation shall develop an annual report summarizing the status of public transportation systems in the state. By September 1st of each year, copies of the report shall be submitted to the transportation committees of the legislature and to each municipality, as defined in RCW 35.58.272, and to individual members of the municipality's legislative authority.

To assist the department with preparation of the report, each municipality shall file a system report by April 1st of each year with the state department of transportation identifying its public transportation services for the previous calendar year and its objectives for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of those services. The system report shall address those items required for each public transportation system in the department's report.

The department report shall describe individual public transportation systems, including contracted transportation services and dial-a-ride services, and include a statewide summary of public transportation issues and data. The descriptions shall include the following elements and such other elements as the department deems appropriate after consultation with the municipalities and the transportation committees of the legislature:

(1) Equipment and facilities, including vehicle replacement standards;

(2) Services and service standards;

(3) Revenues, expenses, and ending balances, by fund source;

(4) Policy issues and system improvement objectives, including community participation in development of those objectives and how those objectives address statewide transportation priorities;

(5) Operating indicators applied to public transportation services, revenues, and expenses. Operating indicators shall include operating cost per passenger trip, operating cost per revenue vehicle service hour, passenger trips per revenue service hour, passenger trips per vehicle service mile, vehicle service hours per employee, and farebox revenue as a percent of operating costs.

[2005 c 319 § 101; 1989 c 396 § 2.]

     Findings--Intent--Part headings--Effective dates -- 2005 c 319: See notes following RCW 43.17.020.

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