Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.59.010 Definitions

§ 35.59.010. Definitions

"Municipality" as used in this chapter means any county, city or town of the state of Washington.

"Government agency" as used in this chapter means the federal government or any agency thereof, or the state or any agency, subdivision, taxing district or municipal corporation thereof other than a county, city or town.

"Person" as used in this chapter means any private corporation, partnership, association or individual.

"Multi-purpose community center" as used in this chapter means the lands, interests in lands, property, property rights, equipment, buildings, structures and other improvements developed as an integrated, multi-purpose, public facility on a single site or immediately adjacent sites for the housing and furnishing of any combination of the following community or public services or facilities: Administrative, legislative or judicial offices and chambers of any municipality, public health facilities, public safety facilities including without limitation, adult and juvenile detention facilities, fire and police stations, public halls, auditoria, libraries and museums, public facilities for the teaching, practice or exhibition of arts and crafts, educational facilities, playfields, playgrounds, parks, indoor and outdoor sports and recreation facilities. The term multi-purpose community center shall also mean and include walks, ramps, bridges, terminal and parking facilities for private vehicles and public transportation vehicles and systems, utilities, accessories, landscaping, and appurtenances incident to and necessary for such centers.

[1967 c 110 § 1.]

     Effective date -- 1967 c 110: "This act shall take effect on June 9, 1967." [1967 c 110 § 13.]

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