Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.92.220 Acquisition of water rights -- Consolidation of irrigation assessment districts

§ 35.92.220. Acquisition of water rights -- Consolidation of irrigation assessment districts

(1) A city or town, situated within or served by, an irrigation project, or projects, owned or operated by the United States government, a water users' association, associations, corporation, or corporations or another city or town or towns, where the legislative authority deems it feasible to furnish water for irrigation and domestic purposes, or either, and where the water used for irrigation and domestic purposes or either, is appurtenant or may become appurtenant to the land located within such city or town, may purchase, lease, or otherwise acquire water or water rights for the purpose of furnishing the city or town and the inhabitants thereof with a supply of water for irrigation and domestic purposes, or either; purchase, construct, or otherwise acquire systems and means of distribution and delivery of water within and without the limits of the city or town, or for the delivery of water where the owner of land within the city or town owns a water right appurtenant to his or her land, with full power to maintain, repair, reconstruct, regulate, and control the same, and if private property is necessary for such purposes, the city or town may condemn and purchase or purchase and acquire property, enter into any contract, and order any and all work to be done that is necessary to carry out such purposes, and it may do so either by the entire city or town or by assessment districts, consisting of the whole or any portion thereof, as the legislative authority of the city or town may determine.

(2) The legislative authority of any city or town may by ordinance authorize the consolidation of separate irrigation assessment districts, previously established pursuant to this section, for the purposes of construction or rehabilitation of improvements, or of ongoing administration, service, repair, and reconstruction of irrigation systems. The separate irrigation assessment districts to be consolidated need not be adjoining, vicinal, or neighboring. If the legislative authority orders the creation of such consolidated irrigation assessment districts, the money received and on hand from assessments levied within the original districts shall be deposited in a consolidated fund to be used by the municipality for future expenses within the consolidated district.

[1995 c 89 § 1; 1965 c 130 § 1; 1965 c 7 § 35.92.220. Prior: 1915 c 112 § 1; RRS § 9495. Formerly RCW 80.40.220.]

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Last modified: April 7, 2009