Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 35 Cities And Towns - Section 35.95A.140 Requirements for signage

§ 35.95A.140. Requirements for signage

Each authority shall incorporate in plans for stations along any monorail project signing that is easily understood by the traveling public, including, but not limited to, persons with disabilities, non-English speaking persons, and visitors from other nations. The signage must employ graphics consistent with international symbols for transportation facilities and signage that are consistent with department of transportation guidelines and programs. The signage must also use distinguishing pictograms as a means to identify stations and points of interest along the monorail corridor for persons who use languages that are not Roman-alphabet based. These requirements are intended to apply to new sign installation and not to existing signs. The authority may replace existing signs as it chooses; however, it shall use the new signing designs when existing signs are replaced. All signage must comply with requirements of applicable federal law and may include recommendations contained in federal publications providing directions on way-finding for persons with disabilities.

[2005 c 19 § 2.]

     Intent -- Findings--2005 c 19: "It is the intent of the legislature to promote the use of icons and pictograms that incorporate the use of commonly accepted symbols that can be understood and interpreted by a variety of people from all walks of life and different nations in order to assist them in the navigation of this state. These signs can be used on roadways and for other transportation-related facilities such as transit stations, airports, bus and train stations, and ferry terminals. Pictograms are signs that depict services, facilities, or destinations in picture form and are used throughout the world. Pictograms are useful for traveling within a transit system as well as for locating transit system stations and stops.

The legislature finds that many signing methods such as icons, already in use by the Washington state department of transportation and other agencies, facilitate use of the transportation systems in the state and connections between modes. The legislature also finds that the development of pictograms for use within transit systems will assist system users, complement other signing methods, and increase transit system ridership through easier way-finding. The pictograms may reflect the unique characteristics of the facility, and those characteristics should be considered and are acceptable in icon and pictogram design. It is the intent of the legislature to have icons and pictograms in use as new systems are put into service to promote tourism and be in place by 2010 to assist international visitors coming to Washington during the Olympic Games in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada." [2005 c 19 § 1.]

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