Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 8 Eminent Domain - Section 8.04.094 Demand for trial -- Time of trial -- Decree of appropriation

§ 8.04.094. Demand for trial -- Time of trial -- Decree of appropriation

If any respondent shall elect to demand a trial for the purpose of assessing just compensation and damages arising from the taking, he shall so move within sixty days from the date of entry of the order of immediate possession and use, and the issues shall be brought to trial within one year from the date of such order unless good and sufficient proof shall be offered and it shall appear therefrom to the court that the hearing could not have been held within said year. In the event that no such demand be timely made or having been timely made, shall not be brought to trial within the limiting period, the court, upon application of the state, shall enter a decree of appropriation for the amount paid into court under the provisions of RCW 8.04.090, as the total sum to which respondents are entitled, and such decree shall be final and nonappealable.

[1951 c 177 § 3.]

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