Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 8 Eminent Domain - Section 8.24.040 Logging road must carry products of condemnees

§ 8.24.040. Logging road must carry products of condemnees

That any person or corporation availing themselves of the provisions of this chapter for the purpose of acquiring a right-of-way for a logging road, as a condition precedent, contract and agree to carry and convey over such roads to either termini thereof any of the timber or other produce of the lands through which such right is acquired at any and all times, so long as said road is maintained and operated, and at reasonable prices; and a failure so to do shall terminate such right-of-way. The reasonableness of the rate shall be subject to determination by the utilities and transportation commission.

[1913 c 133 § 3; RRS § 936-3. Prior: 1895 c 92 § 3.]

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