Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 39 Public Contracts And Indebtedness - Section 39.19.020 Definitions

§ 39.19.020. Definitions

Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.

(1) "Advisory committee" means the advisory committee on minority and women's business enterprises.

(2) "Broker" means a person that provides a bona fide service, such as professional, technical, consultant, brokerage, or managerial services and assistance in the procurement of essential personnel, facilities, equipment, materials, or supplies required for performance of a contract.

(3) "Director" means the director of the office of minority and women's business enterprises.

(4) "Educational institutions" means the state universities, the regional universities, The Evergreen State College, and the community colleges.

(5) "Goals" means annual overall agency goals, expressed as a percentage of dollar volume, for participation by minority and women-owned and controlled businesses and shall not be construed as a minimum goal for any particular contract or for any particular geographical area. It is the intent of this chapter that such overall agency goals shall be achievable and shall be met on a contract-by-contract or class-of-contract basis.

(6) "Goods and/or services" includes professional services and all other goods and services.

(7) "Office" means the office of minority and women's business enterprises.

(8) "Person" includes one or more individuals, partnerships, associations, organizations, corporations, cooperatives, legal representatives, trustees and receivers, or any group of persons.

(9) "Procurement" means the purchase, lease, or rental of any goods or services.

(10) "Public works" means all work, construction, highway and ferry construction, alteration, repair, or improvement other than ordinary maintenance, which a state agency or educational institution is authorized or required by law to undertake.

(11) "State agency" includes the state of Washington and all agencies, departments, offices, divisions, boards, commissions, and correctional and other types of institutions.

[1996 c 69 § 4; 1987 c 328 § 2; 1983 c 120 § 2.]

     Intent -- 1996 c 69: See note following RCW 39.19.030.

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