Revised Code of Washington - RCW Title 73 Veterans And Veterans' Affairs - Section 73.24.020 Contract for care of veterans' plot at Olympia

§ 73.24.020. Contract for care of veterans' plot at Olympia

The director of the *department of finance, budget and business is hereby authorized and directed to contract with Olympia Lodge No. 1, F.&A.M., a corporation for the improvement and perpetual care of the state veterans' plot in the Masonic cemetery at Olympia; such care to include the providing of proper curbs and walks, cultivating, reseeding and fertilizing grounds, repairing and resetting the bases and monuments in place on the ground, leveling grounds, and transporting and setting headstones for graves of persons hereafter buried on the plot.

[1937 c 36 § 1; RRS § 10758-1.]

     *Reviser's note: Powers and duties of the "department of finance, budget and business" have devolved upon the department of general administration through a chain of statutes as follows: 1935 c 176 § 11; 1947 c 114 § 5; and 1955 c 285 § § 4, 14, 16, and 18 (RCW 43.19.010 and 43.19.015).

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