Code of Alabama - Title 11: Counties and Municipal Corporations - Section 11-46-55.1 -

Section 11-46-55.1 - Recount procedures.

(a) Any person with standing to contest a municipal election may petition the canvassing authority for a recount of any or all precinct returns. The time period for requesting a recount ends 48 hours after the official canvass of returns by the municipal governing body. The petitioner must be prepared to pay the cost of the recount and must be required to give security to cover these costs in an amount as determined by the municipal governing body based upon an estimate of actual costs. The recount must be conducted under the supervision of a trained and certified poll official. Representatives of opposing interests shall be given at least 24 hours' notice and shall be invited to participate in the recount.

(b) The recount shall be conducted as simply as the type of equipment and local conditions permit provided that the following minimum safeguards shall be observed:

(1) The box or envelope holding the ballots shall be delivered unopened to the inspector in charge of the recount.

(2) A representative of the municipality shall be present during the recount.

(3) Where ballots are counted by hand, representatives of opposing interests have the right to participate in the hand count, and any unresolved disputes over the interpretation of the voter's intent may be appealed to the municipal governing body.

(c) When the recount has been completed, the ballots shall be returned to their container along with a copy of the recount results. The ballot container shall be sealed and signed by the inspector conducting the recount and by the representative of the authority having custody of the ballots.

(d) If the recount produces a change in precinct totals of sufficient magnitude to alter the result of the election, the outcome shall constitute grounds for an election contest as now prescribed by law. If the recount of the resulting contest alters the result of the election, the cost of the recount shall be borne by the municipality.

(Act 2003-400, p. 1150, §2; Act 2010-687, p. 1660, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021