Code of Alabama - Title 13A: Criminal Code - Section 13A-12-51 - District attorney to file complaint on certain information

Section 13A-12-51 - District attorney to file complaint on certain information.

When it shall be made known to any district attorney who prosecutes criminal cases in the county by the chief of police, sheriff or other officer or by any reputable citizen that any hotel, tavern, inn or other building has been provided with bells, wires, signals or dumbwaiters or any of them, or other implements or appliances for communicating with the occupants of a gaming place or rooms used for gambling, or that barred or locked doors have been provided which prevent the access of any officer to said rooms where said gaming is carried on, the district attorney shall file a complaint in a court against the owner of such building or room, as well as against the keeper or proprietor of such hotel, tavern, inn or other building to obtain a mandatory injunction to compel the removal of all the things, implements or devices hereinabove mentioned and to perpetually enjoin them from permitting said hotel, tavern, inn or building to be used for the purpose of gaming, and application shall be made upon the filing of such complaint to the judge for a preliminary injunction if the district attorney will make the affidavit to said complaint which he may do on information or belief or if any other officer or citizen offers to make such affidavit so as to obtain an order for a preliminary injunction. Any party or parties operating or conducting said gaming room or place, or found therein, may be joined as parties defendant to the complaint.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021