Code of Alabama - Title 13A: Criminal Code - Section 13A-12-57 - Trial; defendant bound over

Section 13A-12-57 - Trial; defendant bound over.

The court shall thereupon proceed to hear the evidence in the case, and, if probable cause is shown for believing said parties or any of them to be guilty, he shall bind them over under proper bond to await the action of the grand jury in accordance with the laws of the state as prescribed in preliminary examinations before courts authorized by law to conduct preliminary examinations, and all rules of procedure applicable to such preliminary examinations shall be likewise applicable to proceedings under this division.

(Acts 1909, No. 193, p. 183; Code 1923, §4289; Code 1940, T. 14, §301; Code 1975, §13-7-98.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021