Code of Alabama - Title 16: Education - Section 16-1-38.1 - Professional development program for county and city superintendents of education

Section 16-1-38.1 - Professional development program for county and city superintendents of education.

(a) The School Superintendents of Alabama, a professional organization, shall establish and administer a professional development program for all county and city superintendents of education.

(b) This program shall draw guidance from the National Staff Development Council definition of professional development that is included in the proposal to amend ESEA Section 9101 (34)(C), currently before the U.S. Congress and defined as "a comprehensive, sustained and intensive approach to improving superintendents effectiveness in raising student achievement."

(c) Professional development fosters collective responsibility for improved student performance and must be comprised of professional learning that:

(1) Is aligned with rigorous standards, as well as related local educational agency and school improvement goals.

(2) Is conducted among learning teams of educators, including teachers, paraprofessionals, and other instructional staff at the school.

(3) Is facilitated by well-prepared, professional development coaches, mentors, or other educational leaders.

(4) Engages established learning teams in a continuous cycle of improvement that:

a. Analyzes learning needs.

b. Defines a clear set of learning goals.

c. Achieves the learning goals by implementing coherent, sustained strategies that improve effectiveness and achievement.

d. Provides coaching or other forms of assistance to support the transfer of new knowledge and skills to new superintendents.

e. Regularly assesses the effectiveness of professional development in achieving identified learning goals.

f. May be facilitated and strengthened by external assistance.

(d) Professional development may be supported and strengthened by activities such as courses, workshops, institutes, networks, and conferences that:

(1) Address the learning goals and objectives established for superintendents.

(2) Advance the ongoing professional development of superintendents.

(3) Are provided by the School Superintendents of Alabama.

(a) Newly elected or appointed superintendents shall participate in the School Superintendents of Alabama's Mentor and Executive Coaching Program, a free training program for new superintendents serving in member school systems. The program assists the new superintendent in doing all of the following:

a. Understanding the laws, rules, and regulations of Alabama.

b. Accessing statewide resources.

c. Establishing focused goals.

d. Managing expectations.

e. Crafting different strategies.

f. Maintaining integrity.

g. Following through after planning.

(2) Each new superintendent shall be assigned an executive coach, who is an experienced superintendent and who makes a minimum of eight contacts during the first year. In addition, quarterly meetings shall be held to provide information on all of the following:

a. Budget development, instructional planning, and personnel actions.

b. School system actions that must occur in the upcoming three-month period.

c. Identifying and addressing the issues and challenges of running the school district.

(3) A new superintendent may elect to continue the training for one additional year.

(Act 2009-344, p. 666, §§1-3.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021