Code of Alabama - Title 16: Education - Section 16-1-40 - Education Trust Fund proration relief

Section 16-1-40 - Education Trust Fund proration relief.

(a) During fiscal year 2009 and any fiscal year in which proration is declared by the Governor in an amount equal to or greater than three percent, local boards of education, with the recommendation of the local superintendent, may transfer Education Trust Fund line item appropriations including the Public School Fund, except Public School Fund monies dedicated to a specific capital outlay project or debt service and except for Alabama Public School and College Authority funds which are allocated for a specific capital outlay project, between and among appropriated line item categories. No state funds shall be transferred from funds appropriated for salaries, fringe benefits, or student materials allocations.

(b) Prior to any implementation of the flexibility provisions of this section, the local board of education shall produce a plan indicating the source and amount to be transferred from each line item and show that the transfer of funds is necessary to minimize the loss of locally employed personnel providing education services, and to cover the essential operational expenses not fully funded by the Education Trust Fund Appropriations Act. The plan shall be submitted to the State Superintendent of Education for approval and must also be made available to the public and approved by the local board of education before it is submitted to the State Superintendent of Education. Failure to follow the plan once approved shall result in immediate state intervention and the subsequent withdrawal of approval. In instances where there are no layoffs due to proration or the school system is in a position of desperate financial need and sufficient other funds are not available from the Public School Fund, local funds, or other sources of revenue, the State Superintendent of Education may allow flexibility through an approved plan to pay for essential services. Before approval of the proposed plan, the state superintendent shall review all existing fund balances, the essential purposes which may only be funded through the flexibility provided as proposed, the economic factors that affect local revenues, and any loss of funding because of a drop in student enrollment. Prior to final approval of any proposed plan, the state superintendent shall assure that the first priority in use of flexibility funds shall be to prevent the loss of personnel.

(Act 2009-407, p. 735, §§2, 4.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021