Code of Alabama - Title 16: Education - Section 16-44A-35 - Legislative findings; designation and dedication as Veterans Living Legacy

Section 16-44A-35 - Legislative findings; designation and dedication as Veterans Living Legacy.

(a) The Legislature of Alabama finds and declares all of the following:

(1) That pursuant to Section 16-44A-31, a statewide extended classroom for education in critical academic areas of citizenship, civics, American history, and government is now operational as "the American Village" under the auspices of the Citizenship Trust, a public education corporation.

(2) The nationally pioneering educational program serves students statewide and also school groups from other states. The United States Congress has provided support of the American Village as a national model and as an innovative civic education initiative that provides students with a better understanding of the United States Constitution and the historical and civic foundation of American self-government.

(3) Recent studies indicate that many students have only a superficial knowledge and lack deeper understanding of the foundations and principles of American self-government, that American history, civics, government, and related courses are critical academic areas for the preservation of individual liberty and for our constitutional system of self-government, and that increased academic attention needs to be directed to a better understanding of these vital foundations.

(4) It is our desire for this state to provide leadership to the nation during the observance of the 225th anniversary of American independence, and that properly educating and inspiring new generations of young people in these critical academic areas shall constitute a Veterans Living Legacy that honors veterans and other patriots in all generations in the cause of liberty and self-government that they have served.

(b) In commemoration of the 225th anniversary of American independence, the American Village is officially designated and dedicated as a Veterans Living Legacy in honor of veterans and patriots in all generations who have served the American cause of liberty and self-government. The American Village shall be expressly committed to the perpetuation of that legacy through civic education of young people.

(Act 2001-970, 2001 3rd Sp. Sess., p. 868, §§1, 2.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021