Code of Alabama - Title 16: Education - Section 16-44A-53 - Adoption and administration of master plan

Section 16-44A-53 - Adoption and administration of master plan.

In addition to such powers conferred on it by Section 16-44A-32, the governing board of the Citizenship Trust shall adopt, subject to consultation and review as provided in Section 16-44A-56, and administer a master plan for the Alabama Veterans Living Legacy to fulfill the vital public purposes provided in Section 16-44A-52, organized in these core public components:

(1) The National Veterans Shrine and Interpretive Gateway shall consist of property, open spaces, and memorial areas, educational, exhibition, and other visitor facilities and programs to remember, respect, thank, and honor our nation's veterans, with special emphasis on those from Alabama. The plans shall include a means to record and present for public recognition by individual name, biographical sketch, photograph or photographs, stories, and records, as many Alabama veterans as possible, both living and dead, with respect to the privacy rights of those not wishing to participate. The plans shall also include a distinct facility to receive with respect and in privacy the families of deceased veterans, where such families may be extended expressions of the condolences and gratitude of the Governor, Legislature, and people of Alabama.

(2) The educational offerings of the American Village statewide classroom and laboratory center and institute shall be designed, organized, and administered in ways to complement, augment, and enhance classroom teaching in the areas of American History, civics, and government, and having an essential purpose to teach the vital lessons of liberty, as a preparation for good citizenship, and as a living legacy to prominently honor United States veterans and their service and sacrifice.

(3) Such other initiatives as deemed appropriate that promote broader knowledge, skills, and practices of good citizenship, and a better appreciation of our veterans and their legacy of American liberty and self-government.

(Act 2008-551, p. 1198, §4.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021