Code of Alabama - Title 2: Agriculture - Section 2-11-3 - Powers of commissioner and board

Section 2-11-3 - Powers of commissioner and board.

(a) The commissioner shall have the power to:

(1) Inspect and determine the grade and condition of agricultural products both at shipping points and receiving centers within this state and provide for the issuance of certificates as to grade or condition of such products;

(2) Inspect, test and examine the containers for agricultural products;

(3) Investigate, collect and disseminate data and statistics as to the location, quantities and time when available of agricultural products produced, stored or held within this state, information as to the cost and facilities for the transportation, storage and distribution of such products and information as to market prices of such products in the markets of the state and other markets;

(4) Acquire and use such information and data as may be necessary and useful in making recommendations to the Public Service Commission to avoid and prevent discrimination in the transportation of such products of this state and to secure fair and reasonable rates for such transportation;

(5) Investigate the needs of terminal and other distributing facilities for agricultural products and cooperate and advise with corporations, municipalities and other persons concerning the establishment of such facilities;

(6) Obtain and disseminate such information and data relating to the preceding subjects from outside this state as may be practicable and of value to producers and consumers within this state; and

(7) Investigate the conduct and methods of exchanges and boards of trade within this state for the purchase and sale of agricultural products.

(b) The Board of Agriculture and Industries shall have the power to:

(1) Determine and adopt standards for any and all agricultural products as to classification, quality or condition of such products and such other qualifications as may be of value for the purposes of this article;

(2) Determine and adopt standards for any and all containers for agricultural products and to provide for and require the marking of such containers;

(3) Include in or exclude from such standards any agricultural products as may appear for the promotion of the purposes of this article and to change such standards as and when such may seem best; and

(4) Make any and all reasonable rules and regulations necessary to carrying out the objects and purposes of this article not inconsistent with the law.

(Ag. Code 1927, §336; Acts 1935, No. 147, p. 187; Code 1940, T. 2, §406.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021