Code of Alabama - Title 23: Highways, Roads, Bridges and Ferries - Section 23-2-170 - Civil liability for toll violations

Section 23-2-170 - Civil liability for toll violations.

(a) The authority, department, private toll entity, or an agent or representative thereof may file a civil suit in the municipal court of the city in which the violation has occurred or district court of the county in which the violation occurred to collect the toll and all applicable fees after a citation has been issued and the required time period for response has elapsed, without the payment of filing fees. The action shall be governed by the Alabama Rules of Civil Procedure except as otherwise set out in this article.

(b) Actions brought pursuant to this article shall be commenced within six years.

(c) Imposition of liability pursuant to this section shall be based upon a preponderance of evidence submitted.

(d) Adjudication of liability shall not be made a part of the driving record of the person upon whom liability is imposed, nor shall it be considered in any manner for insurance purposes in the provision of motor vehicle insurance coverage.

(Act 2017-375, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021