Code of Alabama - Title 23: Highways, Roads, Bridges and Ferries - Section 23-2-174 - Privacy

Section 23-2-174 - Privacy.

(a) The authority, department, private toll entity, or an agent or representative thereof shall not sell, distribute, or make available the names and addresses of electronic toll collection system account holders, without the account holder's consent, to any entity that uses the information for commercial purposes. However, this restriction does not preclude the exchange of this information between entities with jurisdiction of or operating a toll road, bridge, causeway, or tunnel, or entities with which there exists a reciprocal toll enforcement agreement.

(b) Records identifying a specific instance of travel by a specific person or vehicle shall be used only as required to ensure payment and enforcement of tolls, except that such information may be used by state, county, or municipal law enforcement agencies for the comparison of captured license plate data with data held by the Department of Revenue, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center, the National Crime Information Center, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation Kidnappings and Missing Persons list, for the purpose of identifying any of the following:

(1) A stolen vehicle or stolen license plate.

(2) A vehicle registered to an individual for whom there is an outstanding default or arrest warrant for felony charges appearing in the Alabama Warrant Management System, or outstanding warrants for felony charges issued in another jurisdiction.

(3) A vehicle associated with a missing person.

(c) Information or data collected by the authority, department, private toll entity, or an agent or representative thereof, for the purpose of establishing and monitoring electronic toll collection accounts, is not subject to disclosure under the Open Records Act, Section 36-12-40.

(Act 2017-375, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021