Code of Alabama - Title 26: Infants and Incompetents - Section 26-10A-9 - Implied consent or relinquishment

Section 26-10A-9 - Implied consent or relinquishment.

(a) A consent or relinquishment required by Section 26-10A-7 may be implied by any of the following acts of a parent:

(1) Abandonment of the adoptee. Abandonment includes, but is not limited to, the failure of the father, with reasonable knowledge of the pregnancy, to offer financial and/or emotional support for a period of six months prior to the birth.

(2) Leaving the adoptee without provision for his or her identification for a period of 30 days.

(3) Knowingly leaving the adoptee with others without provision for support and without communication, or not otherwise maintaining a significant parental relationship with the adoptee for a period of six months.

(4) Receiving notification of the pendency of the adoption proceedings under Section 26-10A-17 and failing to answer or otherwise respond to the petition within 30 days.

(5) Failing to comply with Section 26-10C-1.

(b) Implied consent under subsection (a) may not be withdrawn by any person.

(Acts 1990, No. 90-554, p. 912, §9; Act 99-435, p. 857, §1; Act 2002-417, p. 1061, §1.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021