Code of Alabama - Title 32: Motor Vehicles and Traffic - Section 32-7C-22 - Permit requirements

Section 32-7C-22 - Permit requirements.

(a) A person may not operate a TNC in the state without first having obtained a permit from the commission.

(b) The commission shall issue a permit to each applicant that meets the requirements for a TNC under this article and may require the permit to be renewed annually.

(c) A TNC operating under a municipal ordinance in a municipality of this state on June 30, 2018, may operate at any location in this state without the permit required under subsection (a) until the later of:

(1) The thirtieth day after the date the permit process is adopted by the commission.

(2) The date the TNC's application for a permit under this section, submitted to the commission before the date described in subdivision (1), is approved or denied.

(d) Any person who operates a TNC without having obtained a permit in accordance with this section is guilty of a Class C misdemeanor.

(Act 2018-127, §3.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021