Code of Alabama - Title 34: Professions and Businesses - Section 34-9-16 - Fee schedule

Section 34-9-16 - Fee schedule.

The board shall establish and collect reasonable fees provided for in this chapter within the ranges set forth below and without having to engage in the rulemaking process:

DescriptionNot More Than
Dental Examination Application Fee$750.00
Dental Examination Fee$2,500.00
Dental Examination Materials Fee$500.00
Dental Licensure by Credentials Application Fee$4,000.00
Dental Licensure by Regional Exam Application Fee$1,000.00
Special Purpose Licensure Fee$750.00
Special Purpose Licensure Renewal Fee$750.00
Dental Annual Registration Fee$500.00
Dental License Reinstatement Penalty$500.00
Dental Hygiene Program Application Fee$500.00
Alabama Dental Hygiene Training Permit Fee$450.00
Alabama Dental Hygiene Training Education Fee$600.00
Alabama Dental Hygiene Program Instructor Certification Course Fee$200.00
Alabama Dental Hygiene Program Instructional Materials Fee$950.00
Dental Hygiene By Regional Exam Application Fee$500.00
Dental Hygiene Examination Application Fee$500.00
Dental Hygiene Examination Fee $600.00
Dental Hygiene Examination Materials Fee$400.00
Dental Hygiene Licensure by Credentials Fee$2,000.00
Dental Hygiene Annual Registration Fee$75.00
Dental Hygiene License Reinstatement Penalty$200.00
Dental Hygiene Infiltration Anesthesia Permit Fee$250.00
Dental Hygiene Infiltration Anesthesia Renewal Fee$250.00
License Certificate Fee$500.00
Duplicate or Replacement License Fee$150.00
Dental Faculty Teaching Permit Fee$350.00
Dental Faculty Special Teaching Permit Fee$500.00
Alabama Controlled Substance Permit Fee$400.00
Alabama Controlled Substance Permit Renewal Fee$400.00
General Anesthesia Permit Fee$1,500.00
General Anesthesia Permit Renewal Fee$750.00
Parenteral Sedation Permit Fee$1,500.00
Parenteral Sedation Permit Renewal Fee$750.00
Oral Conscious Sedation Permit Fee$250.00
Oral Conscious Sedation Permit Renewal Fee$250.00
Mobile Dental Application/Inspection Fee$1,500.00
Mobile Dental Renewal Fee$1,500.00
Mobile Dental Facility/Portable Dental Operation Application for Certificate of Registration Fee$750.00
Mobile Dental Facility/Portable Dental Operation Renewal of Certificate of Registration Fee$500.00
Alabama Impaired Dental Professionals Committee Annual Monitoring Fee$2,000.00

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Last modified: May 3, 2021