Code of Alabama - Title 35: Property - Section 35-9-39 - Levy upon crop of subtenant

Section 35-9-39 - Levy upon crop of subtenant.

When lands are cultivated by a subtenant, and an attachment or other process is sued out by the superior landlord, or his assignee, for the purpose of enforcing his lien for rent and advances, or either, the crop of the tenant in chief must first be exhausted, before levy is made on the crop of the subtenant; but if the tenant in chief makes no crop, or if the crop made by him is not sufficient to satisfy the plaintiff's demand, then a sufficient amount of the crop of the subtenant may be levied on to supply the deficiency; and any levy made in violation of this section may be vacated on motion, at the first session of the court thereafter.

(Code 1876, §3476; Code 1886, §3066; Code 1896, §2713; Code 1907, §4744; Code 1923, §8810; Code 1940, T. 31, §25.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021