Code of Alabama - Title 35: Property - Section 35-9-60 - Lien declared

Section 35-9-60 - Lien declared.

The landlord of any storehouse or other building shall have a lien on the goods, furniture, and effects belonging to the tenant, and subtenant, for rent, which shall be superior to all other liens, except those for taxes, and except as otherwise provided in Section 7-9A-333. In case the tenant or subtenant is adjudged a bankrupt, such lien on such goods, furniture, and effects of the bankrupt shall, as against the trustee in bankruptcy, attach only for unpaid rent accrued and which shall accrue within six months from the date of adjudication computed pro rata at the then current rate. The lien amount accrued and to accrue shall not be increased by reason of any default or breach of contract by the bankrupt. From the amount of such lien, so computed, the trustee in bankruptcy may deduct all payments and all demands which could be legally set up against the landlord by way of counterclaim. If the trustee in bankruptcy shall dispose of the lease as an asset of the bankrupt estate, then the landlord shall have a lien on the goods, furniture, and effects of any person holding under the trustee in bankruptcy.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021