Code of Alabama - Title 36: Public Officers and Employees - Section 36-13-31 - Authorization for expenditures; type of expenditures; limitations

Section 36-13-31 - Authorization for expenditures; type of expenditures; limitations.

The Governor is, at his discretion, authorized to make expenditures from the Governor's Contingency Fund for expenses incident to the purposes of state government, or as the public service might require, and for which no appropriation or an insufficient appropriation was made. Included within the authorized expenditures by the Governor, but not limiting the general purposes set forth herein, are: the ordinary expenses of the executive department of government, including but not limited to the expenses of the Governor, the Governor's office and staff; the expenses and any compensation of commissions and committees appointed by the Governor for public purposes; expenses for law enforcement and for the better enforcement of the laws of Alabama and subdivisions thereof; expenses for keeping the peace; for compensation and expenses of attorneys and experts employed by or on behalf of the Governor, the state, its departments or agencies; as otherwise authorized by statute or practice; and for grants and benefits for the betterment of the public welfare, health, education, peace and morals of the people of this state, which grants shall be limited to the State of Alabama, its departments and agencies, and local political subdivisions, their departments, agencies, boards of education and public schools. All persons employed by the Governor for whom no compensation shall be prescribed and for the compensation of whom no money has been appropriated, may be paid by the Governor, in his discretion, and he is authorized to pay them from the Governor's Contingency Fund. Provided, however, that the Governor may not increase the amount of compensation of any public official whose compensation is designated by law, nor may expenditures be made from the Governor's Contingency Fund to compensate employees subject to Merit System provisions. Provided further, that funding from the Governor's Contingency Fund shall not create a continuing obligation on the part of the state.

(Acts 1989, No. 89-353, p. 699, §2.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021