Code of Alabama - Title 36: Public Officers and Employees - Section 36-13-52 - Director - Duties

Section 36-13-52 - Director - Duties.

(a) The director shall act as a liaison between minority communities and the Governor, with duties to do all of the following:

(1) Conduct community outreach throughout the state to assess and address issues facing women and minorities.

(2) Ensure that all women and minorities are better represented and receive equal access in areas such as business development, education, health care, housing, government services, and criminal justice matters.

(3) Encourage public debate on issues affecting Alabama minority populations, including open access to public services and fair and equitable implementation of public policy.

(4) Assess efforts by state agencies to assist women and minorities, promoting self-sufficiency through education and training.

(5) Collaborate with business and industry representatives, the Alabama Workforce Council, higher education stakeholders, and the Alabama Small Business Commission to facilitate identification of minority and women-owned businesses and to provide recommendations on how to better foster economic development opportunities for minority and women-owned businesses, with the goal of increasing the number of minority and women-owned businesses.

(6) Advise the Governor concerning the coordination and administration of state programs serving minority populations.

(7) Monitor existing legislation and programs designed to meet the needs of minorities.

(8) Research and analyze all areas affecting the quality of life of minorities.

(b) The director shall perform other duties affecting women and minorities, as assigned by the Governor.

(Act 2016-378, §3.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021