Code of Alabama - Title 40: Revenue and Taxation - Section 40-25-5 - Discounts allowed for handling stamps; consignment of stamps

Section 40-25-5 - Discounts allowed for handling stamps; consignment of stamps.

The Department of Revenue is hereby authorized and directed to have prepared and distributed stamps suitable for denoting the tax on all articles enumerated herein. Any person, firm, corporation, or association of persons, other than the Department of Revenue, who sells tobacco tax stamps not affixed to tobacco sold and delivered by them, whether the stamps be genuine or counterfeit, shall be guilty of a felony and punishable as set out in Section 40-25-6. When wholesalers or jobbers have qualified as such with the Department of Revenue, as provided in Section 40-25-16, and desire to purchase stamps as prescribed herein for use on taxable tobaccos sold and delivered by them, the Department of Revenue shall allow on such sales of tobacco tax stamps a discount of 4.75 percent on the entire amount of the sale. Where wholesalers or jobbers are entitled to purchase stamps at a discount as herein provided, instead of the Department of Revenue selling such stamps to such jobbers or wholesalers for cash, it may consign such stamps, if and when such wholesaler or jobber shall give to the Department of Revenue a good and sufficient bond executed by some surety company authorized to do business in this state, conditioned to secure the payment for the stamps so consigned when and as they are used on manufactured tobacco products by such wholesaler or jobber. Every wholesaler or jobber purchasing stamps on consignment as described herein, shall be required to make a full and complete accounting and remittance on or before the twentieth of each month for all stamps used on taxable tobaccos during the preceding month. Every wholesaler or jobber refusing or failing to comply with this section shall forfeit the commission or discount on stamps used which he failed or refused to account or remit for in the time allowed, and in addition shall be charged interest on such delinquent amount for each day delinquent at the rate of eight percent per annum.

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Last modified: May 3, 2021