Code of Alabama - Title 9: Conservation and Natural Resources - Section 9-11-503 - Hunting of nonindigenous animals prohibited

Section 9-11-503 - Hunting of nonindigenous animals prohibited.

(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to hunt or kill, attempt to hunt or kill, or offer the opportunity to hunt or kill any species of animal nonindigenous to the state including, but not limited to, any species of African or Asian lion, tiger, or elephant for a fee or other valuable consideration or for recreation.

(b) This section does not apply to feral swine or to any species of animal deemed a nuisance by the Commissioner of Conservation and Natural Resources, nor to any nonindigenous animal lawfully brought into this state prior to May 1, 2006, or their offspring; provided the owner of the nonindigenous animal provides written notice to the commissioner of the ownership and location of the species.

(Act 2006-109, p. 159, §4.)

Last modified: May 3, 2021