Alaska Statutes Sec. 01.05.031 - Revision of Statutes

(a) Subject to the general policies that may be adopted by the legislative council for the preparation and publication of the annual cumulative supplement to and replacement pamphlets for the Alaska Statutes and of the accompanying Temporary and Special Act pamphlets, the revisor of statutes shall revise for consolidation into the Alaska Statutes and the accompanying pamphlets all laws of a general and permanent nature and all laws of a temporary or special nature enacted by the legislature.

(b) The revisor shall edit and revise the laws for consolidation without changing the meaning of any law in the following manner:

(1) renumber sections, parts of sections, articles, chapters, and titles;

(2) change the wording of section or subsection titles, or delete subsection titles, and change or provide new titles for articles, chapters, and titles;

(3) change capitalization for the purpose of uniformity;

(4) substitute the proper designation for the terms "the preceding section," "this Act," and like terms;

(5) substitute the proper calendar date for "effective date of this Act," "date of passage of this Act," and other phrases of similar import;

(6) strike out figures if they are merely a repetition of written words or vice versa, or substitute figures for written words or vice versa for the purpose of uniformity;

(7) correct manifest errors that are clerical, typographical, or errors in spelling, or errors by way of additions or omissions;

(8) correct manifest errors in references to laws;

(9) rearrange sections, combine sections or parts of sections with other sections or parts of sections, divide long sections into two or more sections, and rearrange the order of sections to conform to a logical arrangement of subject matter as may most generally be followed in the Alaska Statutes;

(10) change all sections, when possible, to read in the present tense, indicative mood, active voice and if the use of personal pronouns cannot be avoided in a section change the section to read in the third person, and singular number, or any other necessary grammatical change in the manner generally followed in the Alaska Statutes;

(11) delete or change sections or parts of sections if a deletion or change is necessary because of other legislative amendments that did not specifically amend or repeal them;

(12) omit all temporary laws, all titles to acts, all enacting and repealing clauses, all declarations of emergency, and all purpose, validity, and construction clauses unless, from their nature, it may be necessary to retain some of them to preserve the full meaning and intent of the law.

(c) The revisor shall edit and revise the laws as they are enacted by the legislature, without changing the meaning of any law, so as to avoid the use of pronouns denoting masculine or feminine gender.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016