Alaska Statutes Sec. 08.55.050 - Items to Be Provided by Hearing Aid Dealer

(a) A hearing aid dealer shall give the following items to a consumer at the time the consumer contracts with the hearing aid dealer to buy or lease a hearing aid:

(1) an instructional brochure that contains operating instructions, purchase privileges, and performance data for the hearing aid;

(2) a statement of the dealer's registration number;

(3) a statement of the manufacturer's specifications, make, model, and serial number for the hearing aid;

(4) a clear statement of the full terms of the contract; and

(5) a written statement indicating that the consumer may file a written complaint about a hearing aid or a hearing aid dealer with the department and giving the mailing address and location address of the department.

(b) Before the sale of a used hearing aid, the hearing aid dealer shall clearly mark the receipt and the container for the hearing aid as "used" or "reconditioned," whichever is applicable, and with the terms of a guarantee that the dealer provides.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016