Alaska Statutes Sec. 15.56.060 - Unlawful Interference With an Election

(a) A person commits the crime of unlawful interference with an election if the person

(1) induces or attempts to induce an election official to fail in the official's duty by force, threat, intimidation, or offers of reward;

(2) intentionally changes, attempts to change, or causes to be changed an official election document including ballots, tallies, and returns;

(3) intentionally delays, attempts to delay, or causes to be delayed the sending of the certificate, register, ballots, or other materials whether original or duplicate, required to be sent by AS 15.15.370 ; or

(4) is contracted or employed by the state to print or reproduce in any manner an official ballot, and the person knowingly

(A) personally appropriates, or gives or delivers to, or permits to be taken by anyone other than a person authorized by the director, official ballots; or

(B) prints or reproduces or has printed or reproduced official ballots in a form or with a content other than that prescribed by law or as directed by the director.

(b) Unlawful interference with an election is a class C felony.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016