Alaska Statutes Sec. 18.50.272 - Heirloom Certificates of Marriage Suitable for Display

(a) In addition to a certificate of marriage issued under this chapter, the state registrar shall issue, on request and payment of a fee established by regulation, an heirloom certificate of marriage representing the marriage of the persons named on the certificate of marriage that is recorded in the office of the registrar.

(b) The department shall adopt regulations that establish the amount of the fee for each design of an heirloom certificate of marriage. Notwithstanding AS 37.10.050 (a), each fee shall be set at an amount that is more than the estimated actual costs to the department, not to exceed the estimated fair market value of a comparable artistic rendition. The fee required under this subsection is in addition to any fee established under AS 18.50.330 for a copy of a certificate of marriage.

(c) The certificate issued under (a) of this section must be in a form consistent with the need to protect the integrity of vital records and must be suitable for display. It may bear the seal of the state and may be signed by the governor.

(d) An heirloom certificate of marriage issued under (a) of this section has the same status as evidence as an original certificate of marriage filed under AS 18.50.270 .

(e) The estimated amount by which the fees received under this section exceed the cost of issuing heirloom certificates of marriage under (a) of this section may be appropriated annually by the legislature to the Alaska children's trust grant account (AS 37.14.205).

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Last modified: November 15, 2016