Alaska Statutes Sec. 18.50.280 - Court Reports of Divorce, Dissolution, and Annulment

(a) For each dissolution, divorce, and annulment of marriage granted by a court in the state, the clerk of the court shall prepare and file a certificate of dissolution, divorce, or annulment with the bureau, on forms prescribed and furnished by the bureau. The forms must require the reporting of the social security numbers of the petitioner or plaintiff and, if ascertainable, the other party to the dissolution, divorce, or annulment of marriage. The petitioner or plaintiff shall furnish the court with the information necessary to complete the certificate, and the furnishing of this information is prerequisite to the issuance of a decree.

(b) Before the 11th day of each month the clerk of the court shall forward to the bureau the certificate of each dissolution, divorce, and annulment granted during the preceding calendar month and the related reports required by regulation adopted under this chapter.

(c) Upon request, the bureau shall provide a social security number supplied under (a) of this section to the child support services agency created in AS 25.27.010 , or the child support enforcement agency of another state, for child support purposes authorized under law.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016