Alaska Statutes Sec. 21.09.110 - Application for Certificate of Authority

(a) To apply for an original certificate of authority, an insurer shall file with the director its application, accompanied by the applicable fees set under AS 21.06.250 , showing its name, location of its home office, or principal office in the United States if an alien insurer, kinds of insurance to be transacted, date of organization or incorporation, form of organization, state or country of domicile, and additional information that the director may reasonably require, together with the following documents, as applicable:

(1) if a foreign insurer, a copy of its corporate charter or articles of incorporation, with all amendments certified by the public officer with whom the originals are on file in the state or country of domicile;

(2) if a reciprocal insurer, copies of the power of attorney of its attorney-in-fact and of its subscribers' agreement, if any, certified by its attorney-in-fact;

(3) a copy of its financial statement as of the preceding December 31 and all subsequent quarterly financial statements, sworn to by at least two executive officers of the insurer or certified by the public insurance supervisory official of the insurer's state of domicile or of entry into the United States;

(4) a copy of the report of last examination, if any, made of the insurer, issued by the insurance supervisory official of its state of domicile or of entry into the United States;

(5) appointment of the director under AS 21.09.180 as its attorney to receive service of legal process;

(6) if a foreign or alien insurer, a certificate of the public official having supervision of insurance in its state or country of domicile, or state of entry into the United States, showing that it is authorized to transact the kinds of insurance proposed to be transacted in this state;

(7) if an alien insurer, a copy of the appointment and authority of its United States manager, certified by its officer having custody of its records; and

(8) if a foreign insurer, a certificate as to deposit if it is to be tendered under AS 21.09.090 .

(b) Policy forms and rates that require filing under AS 21.39 or AS 21.42 shall be submitted under AS 21.39.041 , 21.39.220, or AS 21.42.120(b) and may not be submitted with the application for a certificate of authority.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016