Alaska Statutes Sec. 21.09.180 - Director Attorney for Service of Process

(a) Each insurer applying for authority to transact insurance in this state shall appoint the director as its attorney to receive service of legal process issued against it in this state. The appointment shall be made on a form designated and furnished by the director. The appointment shall be irrevocable, shall bind the insurer and any successor in interest to the assets or liabilities of the insurer, and shall remain in effect as long as there is in force in this state a contract made by the insurer or obligations arising from it.

(b) Service of process against a foreign or alien insurer shall be made only by service of process upon the director or upon a deputy or other person in charge of the office during the absence of the director. Service of process against a domestic insurer may be made either upon the director or upon the insurer corporation in the manner provided by laws applying to corporations generally, or upon the insurer's attorney-in-fact if a domestic reciprocal insurer.

(c) Each insurer at the time of application for a certificate of authority shall file with the director the name and address of the person to whom process against it served upon the director is to be forwarded. The insurer may change the designation by a new filing.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016