Alaska Statutes Sec. 41.10.100 - Duties of Board

(a) At the request of the commissioner, the board shall meet and advise the commissioner in the exercise of the powers, duties, and functions of the commissioner.

(b) The board shall also

(1) receive and review reports concerning the use of soil resources of the state;

(2) hold public hearings and meetings to determine whether land in the state is being used in a manner consistent with sound soil and water conservation practices;

(3) make recommendations for specific action necessary to provide for the effective and orderly development of agricultural, forest, and grazing land in the state;

(4) review an appeal by an applicant or lessee from a decision of the director of the division of lands concerning a sale or lease of state agricultural or grazing land and submit its recommendations to the commissioner or hearing officer;

(5) act in an advisory capacity to the soil and water conservation districts in the state;

(6) act in an advisory capacity to the commissioner and director of the division of the department with responsibility for agriculture in the review of farm conservation plans for all state agricultural land sales in the state.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016