Alaska Statutes Sec. 41.10.110 - Powers of Commissioner

The commissioner has the power to

(1) conduct land capability surveys and investigations of potential agricultural areas and of soil conservation and erosion control, including necessary preventative and control measures, in the state; to publish the results of these surveys and investigations and to disseminate information concerning the results of the surveys and investigations to prospective settlers and the general public;

(2) make technical guidance and other assistance available to settlers of new land to assure the development of the land in a manner that will permit it to be used in accordance with its capabilities and treated in accordance with its needs;

(3) carry out measures for soil conservation and erosion control within the state, including engineering operations, methods of cultivation, the growing of vegetation, and changes in use of land, with the consent and cooperation of the land user or agency having jurisdiction of the land;

(4) cooperate with, furnish assistance to, and enter into agreements with, a user of land or agency within the state;

(5) construct, improve, and maintain soil erosion control and conservation structures as are necessary and practical for carrying out the purposes of this chapter;

(6) develop comprehensive plans for the conservation of soil and control of soil erosion within the state, cropping programs, tillage practices and changes in land use, and publish plans and information and bring them to the attention of users of land within the state;

(7) accept contributions in money, services, materials, or equipment from the United States or its agencies, from an agency of the state, and from any other source, for use in carrying out the purposes of this chapter.

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Last modified: November 15, 2016